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Prejudice Privilege and Poverty

Issues in this session

Poverty, racism and poverty, discrimination, white privilege, employment discrimination, slavery, economics, prejudice, segregation,  housing discrimination

The Message

The historic and present reality of racism has a profound impact on who is poor in this country and who is not. As participants begin the discussions in this very sensitive area, ground rules for discussion are offered.

The Process

This session features a video divided into four sections which build upon each other and the format allows for discussion between sections. The first part of the video discusses the economic necessity of slavery which created racism.

Discussion moves from there to the institutionalized racism that exists in employment, housing and education systems in our country. 

Then, the video examines how the apparent race neutrality of our laws masks an embedded racism that continues to put people of color at a disadvantage. This embedded racism is no longer a matter of personal choice or prejudice but a reality of the policies that pervade our society.

Finally, we look at the difference between prejudice and racism and recognize the realities of white privilege that continue to make it difficult for people of color to move out of poverty.

This is a sensitive issue that Just Neighbors handles with care. Some of the realities are hard to swallow, but they are real nonetheless.