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Stepping Out, Taking Action


Issues in this session

Poverty, faith into action, advocacy, social action, social justice,

The Message

Justice, community and compassion compel us to respond to the needs of our low-income neighbors. Once we know what their needs are, it is time to act.

The Process

After the introduction, the session begins with a review of the memorable learnings from the previous Just Neighbors sessions.  What have participants learned? What surprised them? What disturbed them?

Next, a discussion begins about what actions participants might take to act on what they learned.

As suggested in Facilitating Just Neighbors, this session may be planned for more than one hour and a few local groups can be invited to present how they are approaching poverty alleviation in the community.

Is there a need that surfaced in your community that the group might be willing to address by starting a program of their own?

Are there any federal, state or local public policy changes that could make a difference in your community?  What would be the next steps for your group in taking action?

This session is the last Just Neighbors session, but is the first step in taking action on your own.

Handouts include “Why Advocate” and “How You Can Advocate”

In the Faith based and Catholic editions, this session is called Stepping Out in Faith. The basic content is the same, with some different references.

In fact, the faith we are putting into action may be religiously based or based on faith in the American creed or the American dream.

In any edition, the ninth session continues to make the case that we have a responsibility to our low-income neighbors. We are a better community and a better nation when we work together to achieve a level of equity in which each person has what they need to live in dignity.

This session presents many ways in which we can act, but encourages participants to do something to lighten the load of our neighbors in need.