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Welcome Pickens County, South Carolina

Pickens County Director Armilla Moore.
Welcome, Family Promise of Pickens County South Carolina, the seventh Affiliate to open in the Palmetto State. The best known city in the county is Clemson, home to the eponymous university.

Efforts began when congregations, familiar with the exceptional Affiliate in the next county in Greenville, started exploring the possibility of a program in Pickens County. Efforts were led by Steve Lambright, a program manager for the county’s United Way. Steve was able to involve the UW, using its resources to help establish not just the Affiliate, but ultimately a multi-service “dream center.” FPPC is an example of collective efforts and community collaboration beyond congregations truly bringing change.

They open with a full set of host congregations, a van, nearly a year’s reserve in funding and a committed board. The director, Armilla Moore, has extensive experience with a number of organizations that have addressed issues around poverty and brings well-honed management skills to the role. Teressa Ramsey did the opening training and Tony McDade, Greenville’s director, has been a resource from the beginning, even allowing a congregation to be poached for the new Affiliate. The first host congregation was Holy Trinity Episcopal in Clemson.

The Day Center is part of a multi-agency effort at a decommissioned high school in Easley. In a joint effort between the United Way and local funders, the school has been converted into a comprehensive community resource. The FPPC Day Center is located there, along with a job-training program, a charter school, a soup kitchen and culinary skills program, child enrichment center and more.

The demand for homeless services is growing. When efforts began, in February of 2012, there were more than 1200 students identified as homeless in the county school system. There are now more than 1600.