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Welcome Jackson County, Mississippi and Mid-Hudson Valley, New York

Mid-Hudson Valley Day Center
Mid-Hudson Valley Day Center

Family Promise of Jackson County marks our second Affiliate in Mississippi. Located on the Gulf Coast and bordering Alabama, its largest city is Pascagoula. The need for homeless services in Jackson County is great. Although they were not directly hit by Katrina, they suffered greatly from the hurricane.

Welcome to the OC and the Lone Star State!

Things are looking up in the OC
Things are looking up in the OC.

Family Promise of Orange County, CA becomes our seventh Affiliate in the Golden State and fourth in the LA area. It also serves as the first of two Orange Counties to open Affiliates this year. While the OC is famous as a wealthy suburb to LA and while much of the county has a high per capita income, homelessness is a major problem. An estimated 1,000 families live in motels in Orange County. This does not even touch the number in shelters, doubled up or staying in cars and other unsuitable sites.

Welcome San Gabriel Valley and Indiana County

Director Lynnea Hughes and Board President Karen Roberson
San Gabriel Valley Director Lynnea Hughes and Board President Karen Roberson.

Family Promise of San Gabriel Valley becomes our 6th Affiliate in California. The San Gabriel Valley runs from Pasadena to Pomona in the greater Los Angeles area. Efforts began when Michael Gin heard about Family Promise from a fellow missionary in China who had been involved in the Springfield, Ohio Affiliate. He saw great potential for the program back in Los Angeles as an outreach for all members of congregations, an opportunity to take mission trips right at home.

Three New Affiliates Serve Rural Families

Signing the lease
Larissa Kimmel and Bob Fatzinger sign their lease.

Three new Affiliates opened recently: Family Promise of Carbon County PA, Family Promise of Lee County NC and Family Promise of NewRock GA. Carbon County and Lee County become the twelfth Affiliates in their respective states and NewRock is Georgia’s seventh. All three represent rural areas which have been especially hard hit by the struggling economy.

Two Fastest-Developing Affiliates are #'s 169 & 170

Green County Director, Bryce Riemer

Family Promise of Green County, WI, along the Illinois/Wisconsin border, is the 6th Affiliate in the Badger State. It all began with a community meeting in March and culminated with the acceptance of a family into the program on November 7th. That’s 239 days; about 7 weeks less than it takes to gestate a baby. On a definitely related note, it also had one of the largest turnouts for a community meeting, with more than 130 people coming to Monroe UMC on a cold March evening.

Family Promise Gathers in Salt Lake City for its 11th National Conference

Karen Olson, President and keynote speaker Diana Butler Bass
Karen Olson, President, and keynote speaker Diana Butler Bass.

Family Promise representatives and supporters, more than 260 in all, convened from September 23-25, 2011 in Salt Lake City for their national conference, Moving Mountains. The theme reflected the challenges faced by families and Affiliates alike in the current economy, as well as the amazing work being done by 171 Affiliates across the country each day. The conference was made possible, in part, by the generous sponsorships of American Express, MassMutual, Dinsmore Steele, Recycled Rides, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and Brian Jaffe Associates.

Welcome Family Promise of North Central Palm Beach County (FL) and Family Promise of Bradley County (TN): Affiliates 167 & 168

Bradley County Director Shady Hernandez surrounded by staff and Board

Family Promise of North Central Palm Beach County is the 9th affiliate in the Sunshine State. Centered around West Palm Beach, FPNCPBC took time to develop. But last fall the network hired a director, Rhonda Clinton, a seasoned non-profit professional and quickly set to work getting the rest of the network into shape, in response to great need. More than 1600 children in the county school district are identified as homeless, the vast majority of those in greater West Palm Beach.

Welcome Collin County, TX: Affiliate #166

Affiliate Network Director, Brandy Hill.

Family Promise of Collin County, TX comprises the northern suburbs of Dallas and marks the 13th Affiliate in the Lone Star State. Collin County has a population of nearly 800,000 with only one family shelter which turns away dozens of families each month. Nearly all social services are concentrated in Dallas to the south.

Affiliates 164 & 165: Santa Clarita Valley (CA) and Greater Helena (MT)

Director Chris Najarro readies the Day Center
Director Chris Najarro readies the Day Center.

Family Promise of Santa Clarita Valley becomes our fifth network in California. Santa Clarita is the 24th largest city in the state, yet only came into existence in 1987. Through consolidation of several towns, including Valencia and Newhall, a new city was created. Like many boomburbs, it is primarily a middle and upper-middle class community with few social services. There is no shelter for families in the Valley. 850 Children in the junior/senior high school were homeless in 2009; this does not even account for the children under 12, the largest segment of homeless children.

8th Annual Spring Event Funds Three New Affiliates

Family Promise Trustee Susan Watts enjoying the festivities.

Family Promise’s 8th Annual Spring Event was a tremendous success, raising more than $240,000 to support our efforts to help families in need. Held at Baltusrol Golf Club in Springfield, N.J., on April 29, the event was attended by 123 donors, volunteers, Trustees and friends of Family Promise.