Eight Ways for Schools to Use Just Neighbors


The Toolkit

What They Are Saying

Ways to Use It

  1. For classes in sociology, civics, urban studies, education classes, use Just Neighbors to put a human face on the problems of poverty.
  2. For faculty in-service.
  3. From middle school to college, use the first three sessions to prepare for community service or a service learning experience.  Use the remaining sessions to ‘unpack' the context and causes of the problems witnessed.
  4. To engage community support for the school's mission to serve homeless students.
  5. Help new students living together in college dorms understand their fellow students' varying backgrounds and economic circumstances.
  6. Have Americorps and Vista volunteers participate in Just Neighbors as continuing education to reveal the underlying causes of the poverty they seek to eliminate.
  7. Use the "Housing Matters" session to prepare students for participation in a Habitat build.
  8. Consider "Our Children, Our Future" for education students doing internships in low-income neighborhood schools.