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What People Are Saying

Family Promise mentors have helped families with education needs, financial challenges, employment goals, transportation, household management, parenting issues, health concerns, and communication improvement.

Families . . .

"My mentor helped me see I really was making progress! She didn't give up on me when I wanted to give up on myself."

"I didn't think I could pass the job certification test but my mentor insists I can do it and helps me study. I'm now almost there!"

"It was painful to face my financial situation, but together we worked through it. Now I have a plan to work out of this hole and the future looks brighter."

Mentors . . .

"I thought this would just be giving to others-I didn't realize how much I would be getting."

"I've worked with several families. I used to think I had the answers about what goals should be.

I've learned that to make progress, people have to be working on what matters to them."

"My own kids tell me I'm a better listener since becoming a mentor."

Would you like to start a Family Mentoring program in your community?

Please call (908) 273-1100, extension 13, or email us.