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What People Are Saying

An IHN guest with her childHelping homeless families is not just about a place to sleep; it is holding the child, listening to the mother, smiling and connecting with people.

Hiba Nasser, Volunteer, Columbus OH

You provided more than food, shelter and transportation.  There were encouraging and affirming words, laughter as you visited with us, and sometimes quiet when that was needed.  You gave us time to gather our life back together.

Matt M., Guest, Coeur d'Alene ID

We're all doing so much, so fast, so much of the time-that it gives you the chance to stop and look at what's important.  It really brings it home to you.  There are so many things we take for granted-things like home cooked meals or a safe place to sleep.  By volunteering at IHN, we get to see first hand what a difference these things make in the lives of others, and we learn to appreciate them all over again.

Mary Lu Barth, Volunteer, Temple Beth Emerth, Ann Arbor IHN

When I first learned I would be in a shelter, I automatically pictured a ‘shelter'.  But what I found were caring and concerned people who made the darkest time in my life so much brighter.  The help and guidance I received is beyond words.

Dorothy O., Former Guest, Union County NJ IHN

The true measure of the Network's impact must include the ‘ripple' effect.  As volunteers spend time with guests and each other, the walls of suspicion, prejudice and ignorance begin to come down.  And with new sensitivities and understanding comes the possibility of the more significant change ultimately needed for the elimination of homelessness.

Reverend Mark Wakefield, Christ Church, Union County NJ IHN

Virtually all who work with IHN are volunteers who take time out of their own personal lives to help the homeless.  They do their best to make us comfortable, warm and well fed.  The Day Center allows us to get the kind of assistance we need to find places to live, get to doctor appointments and meet personal needs.  I don't know what my family would have done if it hadn't been for IHN.

Raleigh R., Former Guest, Minneapolis IHN

I've participated in all of the ‘jobs' at one time or another, from setting up the cots to cooking a meal, to sleeping over.  Each job in itself is such a small commitment; to cook a meal for a handful of people once every three months, to play games with or read to children-cuddle an insecure toddler, or easiest of all, sleep for eight hours.  I cannot express how much joy I feel knowing that in some small way I personally have helped make life better for someone else.

Lorraine Stejskal, Volunteer, Denver IHN