Just Neighbors for Schools & Service Learning

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Ways to Use It


From middle schools through graduate classes, Just Neighbors is successfully used to:

  • Motivate and educate students for community service
  • Educate, in classes for sociology, education, urban studies, economics
  • Provide the learning in service learning...and help students analyze what they experience
  • Humanize students' understanding of economic justice
  • maximize community outreach, and professional development for homeless liaisons

Varied media for all students and learning styles:

Simulations...videos...role-plays...large-group and small-group discussions

The facilitator's guide, which includes clear objectives, step-by-step presentation suggestions and reproducible handouts, makes Just Neighbors a joy to use.

Very flexible sessions: use one or use them all!

All materials are durable and reusable. However you decide to use Just Neighbors, the first use won't be the last. This is one program that won't gather dust on a library shelf.

Toolkit Contents

Our Thirty-Day Money-Back Guarantee: We feel certain that Just Neighbors will work for your group, inspiring compassion and transforming intention into action, because we have seen it work so well for so many other groups. However, if you are not satisfied with the results after using the Just Neighbors ToolKit, you may return it within thirty days of purchase for a full refund.

We accept purchase orders from school districts and departments of education. Call for bulk order discounts!


What's in the ToolKit?

The ToolKit contains everything you need to lead a successful program.

Facilitator's Guide Just Neighbors Facilitator's Guide
The Facilitator's Guide is divided into nine sessions, and the guide material for each session is divided into four sections:

  • The Session at a Glance, which gives a general description of the session, its essential message, overall objectives, and timeline for presentation.
  • Preparation, which includes background information, resources for further research, materials and supplies needed for effective presentation, setup procedures, and video summaries as appropriate.
  • Presenting the Session, which gives you detailed instructions for presenting the session.
  • Handouts, which you can reproduce for participants to use during the session and take with them when the session is over.

Original Videos

Several sessions include original videos that reviewers have called "eye-opening."Just Neighbors Original Videos

In a particularly moving video, children show photographs that they have taken of their lives and tell of the harsh realities of growing up poor. In an accompanying activity, participants identify the essential elements all children need to thrive.

In one, participants are introduced to three families living in poverty. They see the obstacles that the families face each day.

In another, participants meet a family living in poverty before trying to balance the family's budget, experiencing the nearly impossible financial decisions that low-income families must make on a daily basis.

Another video informs participants about ways in which communities are responding to the need for housing.

Audio CD Just Neighbors Audio CD

Through an audio CD, participants meet Annie, a single mother struggling to care for her children. Then they must make the tough decisions that Annie faces, and feel the stresses and struggles of life below the poverty line.

And More . . .

  • interactive activity booklets that lead participants through the decisions that Annie must make, each decision leading to a new set of circumstances Just Neighbors Activity Cards
  • character cards for an activity in which participants take on the roles of people of different economic status and grapple with the differing ways they are affected by economic trends reflected in the news of the day
  • children's discovery cards to show the challenges children face, and to suggest possible solutions
  • a sturdy case with carrying handle to make the ToolKit easy to transport and store