The Just Neighbors Toolkit- Available in Three Editions




The Interfaith Edition is the original Just Neighbors toolkit, designed for congregations and for use in faith based schools and non-profits. Sessions take one hour. The sessions explore what it means 'Do unto others as you would heve it done to you," and challenges particpants to put their faith into action.  Each of the nine multimedia, interactive sessions is introduced with a choice of a scripture passage from either the Hebrew Scriptures or the New Testament. 

The handouts and suggested readings are geared for faith-based audiences.

The Community Service Edition has been designed for use in public schools, federally funded programs like AmeriCorps, and in secular non-profits.  This edition looks at poverty through the lens of our responsibilities to fellow citizens. Instead of each of the nine sessions being introduced by a passage of scripture that sets a tone, the Community Service Edition uses readings from America’s literary, business  and political writings.

The Facilitator’s guide is modified and the books and websites that are recommended in each session are also unique. The videos, and other features of the toolkit are identical to other kits. This toolkit also comes packaged in a blue canvas brief.

The Catholic Edition includes additional teaching materials, prayers and more developed reflections on scripture that are used to explain Catholic social teaching in light of the Just Neighbors lessons. Exploration of the principles of Catholic social tradition adds time to each session with each session taking ninety minutes.

The Facilitator’s guide has all the usual handouts suited to this audience as well as “Session Handouts” and “For Further Reflection” pages explaining Catholic social teaching.