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Just Neighbors is remarkably thought provoking and avoids making poverty dependent upon the values or cultural/ethnic backgrounds of the individuals and families experiencing it.  The systemic nature of the challenges of poverty are made very clear -- and opens up great conversations. Just Neighbors really promotes reflection and discussion about the challenges of poverty that address a person's core morals and values.

Tim Stahlke Texas Homeless Education Office  Austin, TX

Just Neighbors has been a staple in our efforts to educate students on the realities of poverty in the United States. Used for trainings and reflections, its workshops not only dissect the statistics and policies that impact our marginalized neighbors, but has also, through its interactive multimedia curriculum, strengthened our students’ resolve to live as socially responsible & active citizens.


The Center for Civic Engagement employs the Just Neighbors curriculum in preparing our students for service in the Philadelphia community. Its interactive workshops are abundantly useful in helping students to both grapple with and understand the complex nature of poverty and social justice. On sensitive issues that academics spend years analyzing, workshops such as Prejudice, Privilege, and Poverty will adequately present the most contemporary research findings and theories in what is an engaging hour and a half!

After using many of the Just Neighbors workshops in a training, one student reported that she felt we had equipped her with a new pair of glasses, enabling her see the world more clearly!

Seth A Jacobson, Program Director Center for Civic Engagement, Drexel University  Philadelphia, PA


Just Neighbors is a great way to do staff development training on poverty and homelessness.  It is so easy to use, and very relatable to the students we work with on a daily basis, and can be done in short time frames.This program will be an eye opener for all school staff.   Some evaluation comments from the classified staff training sessions we did:  "Reminds us that you never know the real stories behind our kids", "Would like to see the whole program offered, thanks for opening my eyes to the situation in our community", "The program really brought to light the reality of poverty", "Would like to see our whole building do more of this training, liked the interviews with the children in poverty".

Linda Long, Support/Homeless Services Coordinator, Haysville United School District  Haysville, KS


The Just Neighbors Toolkit is quickly becoming an indispensable resource for us in our Center for Service Learning.  It is proving to be a very informed, adaptable, and time-saving instrument, both in the classroom and for focused trainings.  An excellent means by which to effectively and efficiently approach issues of poverty, homelessness, affordable housing and race and class. 

Melissa Nix, Regis University, Denver, CO

I have found the Just Neighbors program to be useful in a variety of settings. I have used the What Would You Choose? activity with a group of adults who were learning about homelessness in our city. Participants rated the activity from Just Neighbors as one of the most worthwhile of the day. I have used the Who is My Neighbor? video with middle school students preparing for service activities. Each year I am finding more ways to use the program and appreciate the follow-up emails and updates from Family Promise.

Becky Boynton, Friends School, Baltimore, MD

“Just Neighbors, offers schools and community-based organizations an interactive way not only to learn about homelessness but also to take action toward ending it.”

Barbara Wand James, Program Coordinator,Texas Homeless Education Office,Austin, TX


I highly recommend Just Neighbors: It's a huge help, in helping people understand poverty and develop empathy. ‘Who is My Neighbor?' is outstanding - it's a great start that jumpstarts conversation without pressure.

Amber Carter, University of Wisconsin , Osh Kosh, WI

I used Just Neighbors with Juniors and Seniors in urban issues classes, and with first year students as well. Most of the students have no experience of poverty, so it was shocking and thought provoking. The presentation made it easily accessible; the videos are great! Just Neighbors is a valuable tool for colleges and universities.

Prof. Jill Bartoli, Ph.D., Elizabethtown University, Elizabethtown, PA